Retirement Notice – Stuart Royle

Retirement Notice – Stuart Royle

It’s a sad day @ J C Payne UK Ltd when a stalwart of the factory Stuart Royle finally hung up his steel toe caps and ear defenders to retire after 15 years with us.

Here’s what he had to say:

I have enjoyed every day of the 15 years I have worked here. There have been hard times, long days and times when I wondered why I worked in the role that I did. But then we would have a good day. A day when everything went right and I remembered that I did this job because I love it.

couldn’t have done it without all of you, though. You have always supported me and made me see sense when things got a little blurry. And for this I thank you.

I feel I will be leaving this place in a stronger position than ever, seeing it grow to the enviable size it is today, of which I like to feel partly responsible.

I want to thank all the bosses for giving me the opportunity to achieve my full potential, and giving me a chance to make a name for myself. So thank you. Leaving this place will be the hardest thing I have done in a long time. That is, until I try and find my car keys again.
But thank you to everyone who has worked with me and made this such a special place to work