Apprentice Employer of the year shortlist – JC Payne makes the cut

Apprentice Employer of the year shortlist – JC Payne makes the cut

In-Comm Training and Business Services, who recently won their own “Apprenticeship Provider of the Year” title, are hosting their own award ceremony at the ICC in June at which JC Payne have been shortlisted for the award for “Apprentice Employer of the Year”.

The company’s shortlisting recognises its major strategic focus on the engagement and development of our colleagues. JC Payne is very proud to have retained a loyal workforce during the company’s marked growth in the last 10 years, from just 12 employees in 2009 to over 140 today. In 2015, the company launched its in house apprentice scheme, which has subsequently grown from having initially 1 apprentice to 6 working today. From this scheme, the company has successfully trained and subsequently employed many of its current team.


The success rate of employing our learners since the apprentice programme commenced in 2015 is 76.5%, which is a testament to the training and support provided by both our apprentice provider partners together with the enthusiasm of our team and the structure of our apprentice training and mentoring. Every single apprentice provided by our partners In-Comm has been offered a full time role at the end of their training, most of whom are still with us today. Our apprentices meet with their mentors regularly, and when they successfully pass their course, are highlighted on our internal news board and projector, showcasing their success to the whole company. Group HR Manager Monique Fearon also acts as an additional mentor and point of contact between In-Comm and JCP.

At JC Payne we work closely with In-Comm to ensure the learners are doing the most appropriate training specific to the role they have been employed to do and their future career aspirations. We have employed apprentices across all aspects of our business including. Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Breakdown Engineer Controllers, Production Operatives and Administration, from which department Abbie Grant was shortlisted for In-Comm’s “Learner of the year” award 2018.


JC Payne are one of the leading commercial vehicles bodybuilders in the United Kingdom, and include as our customers most of the major commercial vehicle manufacturers. We are also partner converter for Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Citroen, MAN and Volkswagen.